Portable Storage Units

Storage solutions delivered to you!


  • Education - Ideal for campus renovations, offering secure weather resistant storage.
  • Restaurants - Great for managing inventory, offering NSF certified shelving units for clean storage.
  • Hotels and Hospitality - Conveniently placed storage during hotel renovations.
  • Healthcare - Increase patient care areas with additional medical inventory storage space.
  • Retail - Improve customer experiences with improved inventory management.
  • Special Events - Perfect for your sporting, concert and fair events storing and transporting equipment and supplies.
Maximizing space and reducing the risk of damage and loss is a smart solution for your storage needs. Spaces state of the art containers are waterproof, offer non-skid flooring, and are designed for maximum durability and easy cleanout.
  • Double Swing Open Doors on both ends with superior weather seal. Full coverage durable rubber gaskets around the entire door prevent rodents, pests, moisture and dust from entering the container
  • Stainless Steel Locking Mechanism with standard overlock and interior emergency release cable.
  • Screened vents allow airflow through the container and prevent condensation
  • All hardware used on the container is stainless steel for maximum durability
  • Rain guard above the door directs water away from the entrance
  • Insulated Walls
  • Sanitary and cleanable powder coated smooth wall finish
  • T-Catch Door Retention System allows user to secure the door in the open position while loading/unloading
  • Optional NSF Certified approved food-grade bakers racks for clean, easy, and storage organization
  • Delivery system allows for fast, versatile, and simple movement of storage containers


Whether you’re moving down the street, across the country, or into storage, choosing Spaces for your moving storage needs will make the experience even better. Just imagine the ease of packing at your own pace. On your own schedule. Spaces will help make your move or storage needs easier


Portable Storage Unit (PSU) Regular Climate Control
8x10 (onsite only)
*PSU delivery fees start at $120

Why Choose Spaces?

  • One solution for both business or residential to store or move
  • You choose when to load and unload
  • Our level loading system keeps your items from tipping
  • Storage options available for as long as you need
  • Take your time moving
  • Spaces will do the driving for you
  • Our double doors make the need for ramps unnecessary
  • Certified professional and courteous drivers

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